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Call Up Camp Testing

We designed the Call up Camp Fitness Testing Battery around a couple of challenges. First, we must fit in 11 tests in 3days as well as getting through a huge amount of rugby coaching and content in a 48hours period.

It is designed with the following in mind, we are working with all age groups, players from all over the country from different backgrounds and different training ages. Testing has to be safe, and easy enough to be inclusive of players that has never been inside a gym before, and yet it needs to paint a picture that could give us an idea around the physical ability of each player and also how hard they are willing to push themselves.

With the design and layout of the program we keep in mind that players still has a huge rugby component to complete in these two days and we also want them to excel in that.

Strength and Endurance

Bench Press

This test has been designed to be relative to the individual athlete’s ability and level of training. It keeps the training history of each athlete in mind and is safer than a Max rep effort.
Max Repetition till failure with 50% of BW on the Bar. Full quality repetitions.
Equipment: Standard 20KG Olympic bar and bench


Chin Ups

Players will be tested on upper body pull strength-endurance with the “chin up”.
Max Repetitions fully extended arms and chin need to be over bar for rep to count.
Equipment: Chin up / Pull up Bar


Farmers Walk

Players will load the Farmers Carries (Trap Bar) with 1.5 x his Body Weight and then have to complete maximum reps of a 20m shuttle for distance till they can’t hold on to the bar anymore.
Equipment: Trap bar and loose weights


Seated Medicine Chest Throws

This test will test upper body / push explosive power. Athletes will get one warm up and then two attempts.
Equipment: 5KG Medicine Ball, Measuring tape


3 Cone Agility Test

This test is the same agility test they use in the NFL Combine.
Measuring the ability to be agile. Moving and turning and beating your opponent in small space is key of a multi directional sport like rugby.
Equipment: Stop Watch, Cones, Measuring Tape


20m Sprint

Players will be in boots on grass. This is to test speed over 20m, we changed it to 20m to reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries when working at max velocity for extended duration.
Equipment: Timing Gates, Cones


Vertical Jump Test

Lower body power test.
The Vertical Jump is a very popular test, it’s easy to conduct and the information you get from this test is extremely useful when you create your players profiles.
Equipment: Measuring tape (against a wall) Chalk for marking your height.


2min Max 15m Shuttle

Part of the 2min push up jump test.


Bronco Test

Bronco test is a very popular test in modern day rugby, players will run in boots on grass. The markers for bronco is 20m back,40m back , 60m back repeat this 5 times on a running clock. Distance totals 1200m
Equipment: Stop watch, Mearing tape, Cones.


30 Second Assault Bike

Athlete will have 30sec for an all-out max effort test. The aim is to record max calories in 30sec. Assault bike enables the players to use lower body as well as upper body to generate max power.
Equipment: Assault Air Bike.


2min Push Up Jumps

This test dubbed GRIT test was designed for players to be tested on work rate and effort. This test requires low skill level and can be done by any player regardless of his training history or access to gym. You will have 2min to get maximum repetitions on the Hand Release Push up to Box jump then 30sec change over to get maximum repetition on a 15m shuttle run.
Equipment: Measuring Tape, Cones, 400mm Box Jump.



3 - 5 December

Grade 8 - 12's

Unit1 Technologies